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African American cooking – what most of us usually call Soul food – has always been based on fresh country vegetables, a variety of meats, poultry and fish and the appeal of rich, irresistible desserts. An African American table may be filled with such soul food staples as collard greens, ham hocks, corn bread and sweet potato pie. Soulfood is delicieus, hearty and laden with tradition.

Soulfood origines in the slave quarters of Southern plantations. Simple ingredients were put to service in creating wonderful complex flavours, such as combining the bitter and bland flavours of turnip greens, mustard greens and spinach. Pork, for example was a widely used ingredient because hogs were plentiful on plantations and grew fat very quickly. A lot of creativity in african american cooking relied on hogs, thus the abundance of smoked ham, pork chops, neck bones, pig’s feet and lard on the soulfood menu.

Soulfood is good for the soul. We will serve the best Soulfood Recipes @ the Supernatural DIKKE VETTE FUNKY festival.





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