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"Supernatural Funk" parties,
a tribute to the blackalicious sound.

With a relaxed, but butter-smooth pulse, the music takes its time to develop. Gentle r'n'b plucking laying the blanket for a short and vulnerable blow of trumpet."Supernatural Funk"is about the new approach we like: street-tough funk with horny horns. We conduct this churn out massive grooves. An occasional wah wah blurt from the Blow, the main focus on"Supernatural FUNK"is what P-funk's George Clinton called,"the almighty ONE"."Rated X", with its furious tabla and hi-hat slams, predecess any junglists' hit-hat rolls, the guitar on"Honky Tonk"is tough, yet funky.

Keep-it-simple-stupid basslines,
the funk flows more naturally in the music.

The ultimate intention of"Supernatural FUNK"is an ambitious one, with the street-smart feel art with the Afros, hot pants of the ghetto honeyz, Black leather car-coats alluding to the Black Panthers' uniform, not to mention the mack-daddy pose of Funky People, the sound is decidedly street-savvy.

The groove is flowing with disparate parts strung together, sideways, on top, above and beneath. A chaotic mix of funk grooves, melodic improvisation, mystical eastern modality and dense textures of percussion."Supernatural FUNK"is a dizzying display of a myriad of grooves. A roof-tearing-sucka jam reminice a doped-out jam of a Funkadelic joint,"Black Music"is a crazy-ass James Brown groove twisted with avant-garde juxtapositions. The sounds of chaos brings the liberating exuberance of funk.

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